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Premium signal packages

We have different type of trading signal packages. You can select any package or modify later as per requirements. Below are few conditions govering our service.

IB Plan


per month
  • Apply for a live account with our partner broker
  • Fund it with atleast 10000 USD or equivalant
  • Can be cancelled any time by dropping an email
  • No trial period on offer.
  • 24/5 Support Via Email, Telegram



per month
  • You can use any broker of your choice
  • The minimum recommended funding is 500 USD
  • Auto copy trade all Premium signals to your MT4 account (see FAQ)
  • Receive signals via GoodForexSignals Premium Acess, Telegram
  • Can be cancelled any time by dropping an email
  • 24/5 Support Via Email, Telegram & Skype Chat


  1. What is AutoCopy?
  2. AutoCopy service aims to copy and execute all premium signals on your MT4 account automatically via our server.

  3. Why do I need to use AutoCopy service?
  4. Most of newbies lost money in Forex Trading. You will need 5-10 years of experience, spend a lot of money and lot of time to learn before you can succeed in Forex. Instead, you can use AutoCopy service to copy orders from Forex experts (Our Premium signal providers)

  5. Can a small equity account use AutoCopy?
  6. No matter how much your account is, you can use AutoCopy service.Our AutoCopy system uses smart capital management algorithm and perfect risk management system to minimize the risk. Small capital accounts will enter small orders, large capital accounts will be placed on large orders. For example, when the expert's account with $100k equity open an order with 1 lot, your account with $10k equity will be opened an order with only 0.1 lot.

  7. Which broker is the best for using AutoCopy?
  8. The following brokers work best with our AutoCopy System

  9. How much AutoCopy service cost?
  10. All our Premium Members have free access to our AutoCopy service. Become a Premium member now!

  11. How to use AutoCopy service?
    • Step 1: Become a Premium member
    • Step 2: Open a MT4 trading account at these supported brokers and deposit money into your account. If you already have an account with other brokers, please contact us (email:
    • Step 3: Send your MT4 login and MT4 password to our email:
    • Step 4: We will setup your account to AutoCopy system
    • Step 5: You can login to your MT4 on MT4 Platform to watch the copied trades.
    Important note: Please note that MT4 password is different from your forex account password. Nobody can withdraw your money with a MT4 password. Also, Forex Brokers don’t allow to withdraw money to bank account holder’s name that different from your name. So don’t worry giving out your MT4 password to use AutoCopy Service.